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Priority Priviledge Program

PBPL Plus is first of its kind customer service platform being used in laboratory diagnostics.
It is our endeavor to provide personalized services to our patients.

As a PBPL Plus Member, you get a PID (Permanent Identification Number) which stores all your personal information in our records through a bar coded card.

PID maintains records of all your personal information that is needed for processing your investigations every time at our lab. So, no hassle of filling in an information form on every visit.

Moreover, it also stores information regarding your billing such as your billing category, previous due or refunds and discounts if any. So, no need to remind the front office staff that you are special. As you show your card, all Value Added Services you are entitled for, would be made available to you.
It also provides you a single password access to your lab reports on our website, for all your subsequent visits. It also hosts your test reports done within last 30 days.

As a member of PBPL Plus, you also get periodic discounts and benefits at other centers, for investigations not available at PBPL.

Isn’t it really a PLUS!!!

This is just an endeavor to tell you, We care.

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